What happens at the Centre?

Coming to The Glenurquhart Centre
The Centre is registered with the Care Inspectorate to provide a support service of up to 30 Older Adult places of day care (Mon – Fri) to people age 60+. We can consider referrals from adults below the age of 60 if a person has a particular need we can assist with. Anyone who wishes to come to the Centre must be assessed as requiring a Day Care Service by Social Work.

When a referral has been received the Day Care Manager will arrange to meet the person, usually at their home or another venue if this is preferred. Information will be provided about the Centre and an assessment form will be completed. This assessment form provides the Service with necessary information about a person’s health, date of birth, next of kin and day to day needs. A copy of the National Care Standards is also provided.

Places at the Centre are funded by NHS Highland. Priority of places is given to people with higher or supported needs.

The number of days offered will be dependent on a person’s (or their carer’s) needs and availability of places. The Centre is unable to guarantee an offer of a day of your choice due to transport and availability of places.

Introduction / visit to the Centre
Following the outcome of the assessment an introductory visit to the Centre may be arranged. This gives the opportunity to see round the Centre, meet the people who attend and the staff. On a first visit, a member of care staff will, if wished, assist you through the day. If you wish please bring along a person of your choice to support you on an introductory visit. If after your introductory visit(s) you would like to start attending, this will be discussed with you and the day and times will be agreed.

Personal support plan / key workers
After attending for an introductory period and a joint decision is reached with you and the service that you wish to use the support service, you will be allocated a member of care staff to undertake a “Key worker” role. The Key worker will complete a personal support plan with you.

The personal support plan is to agree with you the kind of support you require whilst attending the service. It can also help to identify any other support/information advice you may require at home. Once you have a completed personal support plan you will be given a copy of it. Every 6 months the Key worker will review your personal plan with you. This can be done more often if required. If you wish, your carer/representative/advocate will be involved in the support plan.

Activities / events
The Glenurquhart Centre aims to provide a stimulating environment. There are a wide range of activities on offer. These include various crafts, board games, card games, indoor bowls, exercises to music, quizzes, discussions, videos, music etc. If you are interested in poetry and stories we have a Merry Makars poetry and story group who meet once per month. The Centre also has a greenhouse for anyone who wishes to grow their favourite flowers or vegetables.

There are different events/talks/slideshows and we keep everyone informed of the dates through newsletters and posters in the centre. It is also appreciated that not everyone wishes to participate in activities and we have two smaller rooms for people who wish to read, listen to music, use the computer or sit and chat.

The staff at the Centre assist to facilitate some of the activities but also encourage Service Users to undertake interests in smaller independent groups.

Your allocated Key worker will discuss anything you wish to pursue or achieve during your time with us at the Centre.

Carer support
Part of our work at the Glenurquhart Centre is to provide support to Carers. We do this by providing respite for Carers by giving the person who cares for you a break. The Centre manager and staff are available for carers to phone for advice and support.

Carers can also access support via The Princess Royal Trust for Carers Project. They can be contacted on 01463 723561 or email: carers@hccf.org.uk

At present we have a minibus and car which provides transport to the Centre. We try as much as we can to meet Service Users assessed needs with regard to transport to and from the Centre. However, due to travel distances to outlying areas we are, unfortunately, restricted with days and times.

Meals / charges
A three course meal is available on the premises every day. There is always an alternative choice and we can cater for individual dietary needs. Healthy snacks and drinks are available at any time. There is a charge for the meal depending on the number of courses. This includes all teas, home baking, snacks etc.

Daily charge to attend the centre.

Anyone can access the centre either through a Social work referral or privately. Please contact us for the daily rate. Charges are reviewed each year. An account will be set up for you, all charges are made a month in arrears and due to be paid within 28 days.

A range of newspapers are provided in the main sitting area for people to read on a daily basis.

The Glenurquhart Centre is a no smoking building. If you wish to smoke then the staff will discuss arrangements with you.

Alarm call
In the toilets, bathing area and sitting rooms there are red cords. In an emergency these can be pulled and a member of staff will speak to you over the intercom unit to find out what assistance you require or alternatively staff will come immediately to your aid.

Showering facilities
There are 2 toilets situated to the right of the main doorway and one in the middle area of the centre. They are fully accessible for all. We have showering facilities in a wheelchair accessible area. If you are assessed as requiring assistance with personal care we will discuss your individual needs with you. In line with Health and Safety requirements, we have hot water regulators fitted at all hot water outlets and testing is carried out once per week.

Opportunities will be made available for religious, cultural and political expression. We will be actively involved in supporting you to observe particular dietary and dress requirements and facilitate practices such as prayer and contemplation in a private environment if you require this.

Fire awareness / health & safety
We ensure we adhere to Fire Regulations and Health & Safety rules. On a weekly basis we undertake a fire test and have regular evacuation practise. Staff will inform you of the fire procedure when you come to the Centre.

Health & safety
The support service is a work place in terms of The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and associated regulations. The Glenurquhart Centre ensures that its health and safety policies are fully implemented. The process of risk assessment will be used to identify hazards and eliminate or reduce the likelihood of harm occurring. It is essential that all people attending the Centre comply with appropriate measures identified through this process to ensure their own health and safety is not compromised in any way. Any accidents or incidents which may occur whilst you are in our care will be recorded. Please ask staff for further details of this procedure.

Environmental health
All staff who are involved in food handling complete REIHS Environmental health course. The Centre has food handling and infection control policies in place and all staff are trained to ensure it is fully implemented.

Feeling safe and secure
Whilst attending the Glenurquhart Centre we aim to ensure that a sensible balance is offered to you in everyday events and activities, between the reasonable risks you want to take and the safety and well-being of the staff and other people using the support service. Any concerns of risk will be discussed with you and you will be involved in your own risk assessment.

Possessions, valuables and money
The Glenurquhart Centre has Public Liability Insurance and a copy of this is displayed on the wall outside the 2 main offices. If you wish to see a full copy of the document please ask the Centre Manager. We are unable to provide safe storage for any valuables or money and we would therefore advise that no valuable items or large amounts of money are brought to the Centre.

Alcohol and drugs
Occasionally, we celebrate special events such as Burns Supper, Christmas Party, etc. Service Users will be offered the opportunity to take a social alcoholic drink to celebrate these events. Service Users are discouraged from bringing in a supply of alcohol for their own consumption during their time at the Centre. If a Service User arrives at the Centre in a state of intoxication that is likely to affect other people or the delivery of the service, staff reserve the right to refuse admission to the Centre and return the person to their home. The use of recreational drugs is not permitted within the Centre.

It is the Policy of the Glenurquhart Centre that no employee is permitted to accept gifts from Service Users. Understandably some Service Users wish to show their appreciation for the care and support they receive and we are quite happy for people to express their thanks verbally instead.