Policies and procedures

The Glenurquhart Centre is a no smoking building. If you wish to smoke, the Centre will discuss arrangements with you.

Alarm Call
In all the toilets, bathing area and visiting services room there are red cords. In an emergency these can be pulled and a member of staff will speak to you over the intercom unit to find out what assistance you require. If you need them, staff will come immediately to your aid

Health and Safety
As with any professional service we ensure we adhere to fire regulations and health and safety rules. On a weekly basis we undertake a fire test. Staff will inform you of the fire procedure when you come to the Centre.

The Centre is also a workplace in terms of The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and associated regulations. The Glenurquhart Centre must ensure that its health and safety policy is fully implemented. A process of risk assessment is used to identify hazards and eliminate or reduce the likelihood of harm occurring. It is essential that all people attending the Centre comply with appropriate measures identified through this process to ensure their own health and safety is not compromised in any way. Any accidents or incidents which may occur whilst you are in our care will be recorded. Please ask staff for further details of this procedure.

The Glenurquhart Centre has Public Liability Insurance and a copy of the policy is displayed on the wall outside the main offices. If you wish to see a full copy of the document please ask the Centre Manager.

We will need to ask you for information about your health, personal details, next of kin etc. and also record details of any relevant issues or problems that may arise during your time at the Centre. We will only record information that is essential and relevant, and will keep this safe and confidential. The Centre has a Confidentiality Policy in place.

A Personal Support Plan will be used to identify and record and reflect your care needs, choices, preferences and how these will be met whilst you attend the Centre. You will also have a copy of this. You can request a copy of any information about you from the manager provided this does not breach third party or legislative guidelines.

We encourage all service users to self-administer any personal medication. If you require assistance with your medication we will make arrangements with you as per the Glenurquhart Centre medication administration procedures. Please let us know if you require this help.

Environmental Health
All staff who are involved in food handling or serving complete the REIHS Environmental Health Course. The Centre has food handling and infection control polices in place and all staff are trained to ensure these are fully implemented.

Feeling Safe and Secure
Whilst you are attending the Glenurquhart Centre and taking part in events and activities, we try to ensure that you are offered a sensible balance between the reasonable risks that you want to take, and the safety and wellbeing of the staff and other people using the Centre. Any concerns about risk will be discussed with you, and you will be involved in your own risk assessment.

Possessions and Valuables
We are unable to provide safe storage for any valuables or money and we would therefore advise that no valuable items or large amounts of money are brought to the Centre.

Alcohol and Drugs
Occasionally, we celebrate special events for example Burns Supper, Christmas Party etc, and you may be offered the opportunity to enjoy a social alcoholic drink to celebrate these events. You are discouraged from bringing in a supply of alcohol for your own consumption at these events. If you arrives at the Centre in a state of intoxication that is likely to affect other people or the delivery of the service, staff reserve the right to refuse admission to the Centre and return you to your home. The use of recreational drugs is not permitted within the Centre.

It is the policy of the Glenurquhart Centre that no employee is permitted to accept gifts from service users. Understandably some service users wish to show their appreciation for the care and support they receive and we are quite happy for people to express their thanks verbally instead.